Building the kingdom needs to be done God's way.  We can't presume that because He used us in the past He will be able to use us in the future.  We need to maintain a holy life if we want to be a vessel that is able to be used by Him. We will also notice how He can restore, even if we've wasted precious years.  Keep me true Lord Jesus. There's a race that I must run and there are victories to be won. Hopefully we can learn from some of Samson's mistakes and maintain the right spirit so that He can build His kingdom.

國度的建立需要按照神的方法。我們不能假設因為神從前曾經用過我, 祂將來也能用我 。如果我們想要成為神可以用的器皿,我們必須持守聖潔的生活。我們也會發現即使我們浪費了寶貴的年日,神仍然可以恢復我們。主耶穌,求你保守我心存誠實。我還有當跑的路,和當打的仗。盼望我們能從參孫的錯誤中學習並保守一個對的靈,使神可以建立祂的國度。